What is the safest place for alcohol and drug treatment in the US? The answer will surprise you.

What is the safest place for alcohol and drug treatment in the US? The answer will surprise you.

Safest place for alcohol and drug treatment in the US

Imagine that you are a healthcare criminal planning to set up a fraudulent addiction treatment center in order to profit from the suffering of people who need addiction treatment. Where would you set up your criminal addiction treatment center?

  • In a place that is under heavy scrutiny from a law enforcement task force dedicated to discovering, and prosecuting scams in the treatment addiction field.
  • In a place where insurance companies are intensely aware of addiction treatment center scams and make sure to make payments only to the most qualified, and ethically proven addiction treatment centers.

Or, would you open your criminal addiction treatment center in:

  • A place that is not yet known for abuses in the addiction field, so they never thought of creating laws to punish scams in the addiction treatment field, nor have created a task force that targets crimes in the addiction treatment field specifically.
  • A place where insurance companies have not experience high levels of fraud, so they pay claims from addiction treatment centers liberally, and without extreme scrutiny.

History has shown that when criminals in the healthcare industry have to face high levels of investigation, hard prosecution, and stiff sentences (examples A and B), they move to places where abuses have not been spotted yet. They relocate to places where law enforcement agencies, and insurance companies, are not looking for fraud, and are not equipped to prosecute it (examples C and D). It’s unfortunate that it takes abuses and victims to create increased safety, but that’s how it is. When crime, or negligence, hits a critical mass, all systems go on high alert, the focus is heightened, and protective agencies step in and establish tight and disciplined supervision that forces a level of security and safety that is not practiced when everything appears normal. That level of oversight create the safest products, the safest services, and the safest places. Unfortunately, it is true that the safest airline to fly is the one that is under scrutiny after a crash, and the safest place to go to addiction treatment is one under scrutiny for past fraud and neglect. We know this because we are experiencing it now.

In Miami, we have seen an explosion of fraud, just north of us in Broward and Palm Beach counties. An explosion that hurt people looking for the best addiction treatment, as fraudulent addiction treatment centers participated in human trafficking, and diverted internet searches to their sites by false promises and criminal techniques. As a response, the state of Florida has passed the toughest laws to punish treatment center criminals in history. Not only has the state passed these laws, but they are enforcing them. Only last week, corrupt drug rehab owner was sentenced to 27 years in prison for abuses committed in his rehab center, and he is not the only example. This is only one example of practices continuing crackdown of rehab treatment centers, drug testing laboratories, sober houses, and the people who profit from selling addicts to treatment centers. This makes Florida the riskiest state in which to commit addiction treatment center fraud. It also establishes Miami as the safest place in which to get addiction treatment.

Miami has a few addiction treatment centers. Broward and Palm Beach counties experienced an explosion of thousands of addiction treatment centers, sober living houses, and halfway houses that made it known as the “recovery capital of the world”, unfortunately this proliferation of addiction centers and sober houses also turned them into the addiction treatment fraud capital of the world: Miami was always safer. And now, it will be even safer, because we will benefit from the strong, statewide measures that threaten those that may have been crooks in Miami, or are thinking about it. So, where is the safest place to get addiction treatment in the U.S.? Miami.