Many Drug Treatment Centers Forget to Include Treatment in Their Centers

Most treatment centers today can easily be confused with spas.

Being treated for addiction in a spa may sound like a good thing, but it’s not. Addiction treatment centers that emphasize offering luxurious amenities are fine for tourists, but they are damaging for people who need treatment for their addiction. Actually they are dangerous.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It takes years for someone who suffers from addiction to finally admit that they have a problem, and agree to get treatment. When they have decided to accept treatment, it is imperative that they receive the treatment that they need—because they may not return to treatment ever again—and will continue to suffer grave, and even deadly consequences.
  2. In Treatment-Spas people have to compete for clinical attention with 25, 50, and sometimes as many as 100 other clients. According to research— a personal relationship between clients and clinicians is the main factor in successful treatment. It’s common sense that personal relationships are not possible when clinicians have to deal with big client populations.
  3. Addiction Treatment-Spa centers Are often located in vacation spots that are nothing like the places where most people actually work, and struggle to live without using drugs. But according to scientific research—people should learn skills in places that are similar to the places where they will have to use those skills. For example: you will perform better in a test, if you study in the place where you will take the test. In the same way you will be more successful living without drugs in a real-life environment, if you learned, and practiced, living without drugs in a real-life environment. Learning to live without drugs in a Spa will prepare you to live without drugs in a Spa.
  4. Addiction Treatment-Spas isolate people from their lives. They restrict people from having and using their phones and computers—in order to isolate them from their  family, and their normal lives. In contrast—treatment is most effective when people stay connected to their daily lives as they go through treatment, and face the problems that they have created. After all, in treatment they are supported by professional help as they face their problems. The effectiveness of this approach has been proven by the effectiveness of Intensive Outpatient Programs, and fellowships like AA, and NA—where people learn to live without drugs, while living their lives, and solving their problems, with the support of others.
  5. Treatment-Spas invest the majority of their resources on luxurious amenities and marketing—not clinical quality. As a result they offer outdated and ineffective treatment models that show a success rate of only 50%. In contrast—real treatment centers invest the majority of their resources in excellence of treatment—focusing their resources on the application of scientific research— and talented therapists.

Going to an addiction treatment center is a crucial event in a person’s life. Going to the right one can save their lives—going to an ineffective one can result in increased denial, years of further use, and continuing destruction of a life.

Going to an addiction treatment center is a crucial event in a person’s life.

You and your loved ones need a Drug Treatment Center that focuses on Effective Addiction Treatment. Not a Spa.