How Fentanyl Created Murderers

Fentanyl is a drug. It belongs to a family of drugs called opioids. Opioids are used as a pain medication and anesthesia. It comes in an injectable form. It’s also available as lozenges, and as a Fentanyl Patch. In these forms, Fentanyl is a very effective drug.

But drug dealers turned it into a murderous drug. They produce their own kind of Fentanyl. A kind of Fentanyl that is hundreds of times more potent than the medical kind. And they sell it as heroin, cocaine, OxyContin, and MDMA. Fentanyl traces have been found even in marijuana.

Their motivation is profit. They create these Fentanyl-laced versions of drugs to compensate for low-quality drugs. Low-quality drugs that they would have to sell at low prices. And, would not be accepted by addicts because of their low potential to produce a high. Instead, the Fentanyl-laced versions command higher prices. And are sought after by addicts looking for a stronger high.

But, their profit scheme turns deadly. The illegal Fentanyl produces more respiratory depression than the medical versions. Using it as a recreational drugs is deadly. It leads to Fentanyl overdose. Often resulting in death. And, the source of these deaths is clearly documented.

Eighty-two percent of deaths from Fentanyl overdoses involved illegally manufactured fentanyl. While only four percent originated from a prescription.

Drug traffickers and dealers killed 82% of people that died from Fentanyl overdose. They killed them with the product that they created. They killed them to enrich themselves. That makes them murderers.