Heroes of Outpatient Rehab

Heroes of Outpatient Rehab

Five years ago I founded a treatment center named Adaptive Center. Actually, it’s not a “rehab”, it’s a Human Potential Center that specializes in treating addiction. However, that’s not the subject of this post. The subject of this post is that working in all kinds rehab centers for the past 25 years I have met […]

Miami Alcohol Rehab

There is a danger that with the increasing attention to the current opiate epidemic alcohol addiction may be minimized. I see this trend in our treatment groups. People that are coming into treatment see drugs like heroin and meth as “hard”, and downgrade the danger of alcohol. Instead they display a belief that alcohol is […]

Living Sober in Miami Takes Soul and Balls

Living Sober in Miami Takes Soul and Balls For people suffering from addiction, living in Miami, and abstain from drugs and alcohol in order to nourish the continuing evolution of their human potential, is like a celibate monk living in a neighborhood of whorehouses while abstaining from sex. That’s what makes walking a spiritual path […]