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13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” is Dangerous

13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” is Dangerous

The Netflix’s show “13 Reasons Why” is dangerous. It’s the story of a young woman that commits suicide. Before the suicide, she leaves behind recorded tapes explaining the reasons that pushed her to kill herself. The tapes are distributed to people in her life that contributed to her suffering, and her eventual suicide. Here are […]

Habit and Addiction: Is there a difference?

If you have a beer every time you watch football, after a while and many repetitions, every time that you watch football you will want a beer. If you don’t have a beer while watching the game, you will feel that something is missing, you will have the sensation that watching football won’t be as […]

The failure of addiction treatment.

The formula for addiction treatment failure is: + More need for addiction treatment than ever before + More addiction treatment centers than ever before = More addicts dying and more families suffering than ever before. Why is this happening? The increased demand for addiction treatment has attracted treatment hustlers. What are addiction treatment hustlers? Here […]